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Need my fucking pots and pans to come in the mail already. I’m tired of living out the microwave

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have an opinion on Raven not wanting to be labeled as African-American?


I understand what she was trying to say and I think it came off wrong for two reasons:

1. I think she has experienced great struggle in regards to handling her sexual preference and probably has a christian family (like most Black people in America) who are traditionally opposed to homosexuality so I think being called a lesbian is a sensitive topic for her. Then on top of that you add in the public stigma and perceptions she’ll have to deal with as a lesbian. So when you consider both of those things, I can see why she wants to avoid labels. 

She doesn’t want to be “Raven The Lesbian”. She just wants to be Raven. So the aversion to labels really starts with this. 

2. She’s been rich her entire life. It’s safe to assume that she’s never experienced the kind of day to day struggles and experiences that the common Black person does. I’m not saying her life is completely devoid of racism, but her existence is not exactly the same as ours. 

So with this said, you get a person who is slightly out of touch with how her words are going to be perceived. Oprah knew, that’s why she tried to give her a chance to clarify but Raven couldn’t take the hint.

When you are a rich member of an oppressed group who was lucky enough to make it out, and then you use your public platform to boldly distance yourself from the rest of the people in your group who were not fortunate enough to “make it out”…. you alienate them.

I don’t think she, or Pharrell, really understood that last point.

I don’t think either of them had bad intentions. They’re just out of touch. 

… its too early for this bullshit.

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